Pokemon Go Community Day

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Kyogre Raid Guide – https://youtu.be/Ro-BrtQHwuo

How to use joystick – https://youtu.be/SBT6ig5HH1I

Fake GPS – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gsmartstudio.fakegps

What to do if u get shadow ban – https://youtu.be/FfAWmSwCp5c

Current situation of spoofers about ban – https://youtu.be/BGD_YorTLdE

How to get Ex Raid pass – https://youtu.be/Cjo3Yvbb5hs

Ex Pass System changed – https://youtu.be/9kf1VkBbKuk

Ex Pass selection criteria – https://youtu.be/m_6KYvrV3fk

How to add Pokestops in Pokemon Go – https://youtu.be/ikq41lIjpJE

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