HITTING LEVEL 40 IN POKEMON GO! – Pokemon GO Third Saturday Community Event

A-whatup guys! I finally hit Level 40 in Pokemon GO! Amanda and I went to a Pokemon GO Third Saturday event, which is organized by members of the community! Players compete to see who can be the very best in several categories, including most Pokemon caught, most XP earned and most distance walked in 2 hours!

Here are the results from this month: https://pkmngots.com/p/pkmngots-11-17-results/

Our city actually earned the most XP this month, so good job Montreal trainers!

This video was recorded on November 18, 2017. So yes, I did hit Level 40 before the Global Catch Challenge Double XP.


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MUSIC CREDIT (in order):

Intro Song: Stahl! & Kadenza – Ignite [Ninety9Lives Release]
Video: http://youtu.be/V7sTZEZu9V4

Outro Song: craves – By My Side [Majestic Color]

starRo – Milk [Majestic Color]

Tobu & Wholm – Motion

Tobu – Candyland

Tobu – Nostalgia


The rights to Pokémon GO belong to Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company.

Footage was recorded for fair use and intended for entertainment and educational purposes.