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    The gym system of Pokemon go is unfair.
    The existence time of the Pokemon on average depends on the team.
    Blue can easily earn coins, but yellow is very difficult.

    Why is this inequality neglected? Why are they ignoring them?
    They should improve this.



    what do you mean? Im Instinct and have no problems collecting coins



    Same here, but I imagine players in different areas have different experiences. The teams are very unbalanced in favor of the blue team who probably has more members than red and yellow combined



    Clearly, wherever, blue is the most and yellow is cleary less.
    That leads to the length of time at the gym.
    In other words, yellow is clearly disadvantageous in almost every area.
    And Niantic does not try to improve it.



    Maybe the problem is you have a poor porcentage of yellow players in your area. Here we are quite equal, and sometimes I have the feeling that the players have agreed in leave every colour for 12 hours, so they can earn the 50 coins, and after there is a switch in all gym’s to change colours…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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