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    I found a gym with just one pokemon – Blissey (2900+CP, trainer lvl 37). I have fought him 8 times and win. The problem is that after every fight the Blissey has immediatelly replenish health to full power. So I have fought 8x 2900+CP Blissey with no success. I have started the next fight immediatelly after the previous mostly without reviving pokemons but it didn’t help. It has happened several times that at the start of the fight the Blissey has 1300+CP but the game doesn’t respect it and the pokemon has full health in fact. How is it possible? Can the defending trainer fill the Blissey with berries during the battle and do it so fast or is it any spoofing method?



    The defender can feed at any time, even in a battle. It is a bit annoying,but is the way it works. The only thing I don’t get is how the trainer would know that their Pokémon is in a battle because there is no way of knowing that.



    If this is a new spoofing method, really it would be awesome bad. I’ve seen things like this in other games (called Godmode, or Inmortal), but until now it has not been seen here in Pokemon Go.



    A trainer was giving it berries when you were fighting. Either someone caught you and was nearby or it’s traiber was doing it remotely. I love trolling trainers battling gyms and replenishing Pokémon motivation while they battle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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