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    It takes 300 tiny Rattata to get gold in the Youngster medal. I had to catch 2678 to get that many. That makes my ratio just over 11%. Since the norm seems to be around 12%, it took me just slightly longer than normal.

    Anyone else get it yet it making progress?



    I have captured 169 Tiny Rattata (out of 1249) I went for a while ignoring Rattata because it took 3 or more regular balls to capture one – but then decided to go after the medals so I’m way behind.
    I haven’t considered working on all of the medals till after I finished my NA dex. That was in December I think.



    I was similar. I went for the Dex first, then focused on building high-level Mon. Now I’m circling back for the medals.

    Still missing gold in Fisherman, Pikachu Fan, Skier, and Dragon Tamer…

    … those may take a while.



    I’m only at 121 so far

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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