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    Hello guys!

    I am new here and posting my first thread on this forum. I would like to start with the first Pokemon that I caught. It was a psyduck. I was wandering here and there Near a lake in my town. I was on an outside walk and I saw some boys near the pond and they were talking about the rare Pokemon that existed there. In in my childhood was also a great fan of Pokemon so I decided to install the game and at that time the first pokemon that i caught was a psyduck. It was pretty difficult to catch for me as I was a Total Beginner to This Game But now have got expertise and this game has became an addiction for me and I play It Most of The Time.

    And The Tip that i would give is that psyduck appears near lakes and rivers. Because when ever i happen to pass by that river and have pokemon Go running. I usually encounter with psyducks.



    Welcome to the Pokemon Go Community Mathew

    I have noticed the same thing too. As Psyduck is a psychic type pokemon it usually appears near such areas.

    But Now Who Looks For The Psyduck when You have loads of other pokemon to deal with. Now we are into the legendary Pokemon and they are the first priority if you have any method to catch them feel free to share them.



    Hello All!

    I have 275 Psyduck. They are very common these days so why dont you guys prefer in sharing some pokemon that are not that much common. Thanks by the Way for the nice post.



    Guys This Was My first experience with Pokemon Go that I shared Here So no Need to go Nuts. I have a lot of other Legendary Pokemon Also. This Was Just the Beginning Just wait and watch how awesome we would make this community.



    LoL. What a Coincidence I was reading this Thread of yours while sitting in My Bedroom and decided to go out to my garden for watering it. I picked up my phone opened up Pokemon go and Wallaah Psyduck appeared.



    Yup, it depends on your Area,
    i get Grass type pokemons mostly.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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